Moors trio feature in railway campaign

Spennymoor Town is proud to be part of a new campaign from London North Eastern Railways called ‘Track Record’.

Mike Rowcroft, Head of Community Engagement, Connie Wailes, Supporters Club Treasurer and fan Fred Hughes all feature in a video which celebrates the diverse accents along the route.

Mike, Connie and Fred feature around one minute into the piece, with Fred announcing, “But we’re the David’s as well as Goliaths”, before all three, sporting their Spennymoor colours, shout, “We are Spennymoor Town FC”.

The track came as a result of research* carried out by LNER on accents along the East Coast. They found out that 40% of people can’t tell where an accent comes from and they also found out that…

  • 31% of people can’t tell the difference between accents from London and Grantham.
  • 28% of people can’t tell the difference between a Newcastle and Sunderland accent.
  • Almost a third of the people they spoke to said they hear more neutral accents than they did five years ago – putting this down to 60% of people moving for work and away from the countryside into cities.
  • One thing almost all of us agree on, 80% of us to be precise, is that when we return home our accent gets stronger.

Jennie Pitt, our People Engagement and Corporate Responsibility Manager, said: “Wherever you’re from, we know how important your accent and local dialect are to you. At LNER, we’re proud of all the different people and places our route serves, stretching from Aberdeen and Inverness in Scotland, through the North East, Yorkshire and East Midlands, all the way down to London King’s Cross.”

*Research conducted with 2,000 people from the UK between 28 September and 31 December 2018 by Fly Research.