Fan conduct ahead of Sunday’s final

As the club embark on arguably the biggest game in its 115 year history, we would like to remind fans about their conduct ahead of Sunday’s final.

We believe our fans should be proud of their exemplary record of behaviour over the course of the season.

However, there was an incident with a smoke bomb at York on Friday 19th April which we have had to respond to the FA about. The investigation is currently ongoing.

The use of pyrotechnics could affect the club more than just on a financial level, as any instances of pyrotechnics use means innocent parties may be at risk of serious injury as a result. 

Chorley have the same regulations as we do at The Brewery Field, which means some items are prohibited for safety reasons.

This weekend, the eyes of the FA, League and footballing world are on us on and off the pitch.

As hundreds of us travel to Victory Park, our proud reputation will continue to grow as a result of this weekend.

This is a big event to manage, so please be patient, understanding, and respectful.