Moors reiterate season ticket stance

Spennymoor Town FC Managing Director Tony Wilson has today reaffirmed the club’s stance on 2020/21 season ticket availability.

The club has previously announced that it will not be revealing season ticket pricing or making tickets available for purchase until two criteria have been met.


These are:

  • A definite start date for the 2020/21 season has been announced
  • Concrete guidance on whether supporters will be able to attend matches, when this will start and how many will be allowed to attend at The Brewery Field at once


A start date of 3rd October 2020 has been confirmed by the National League to member clubs, however there is not yet any guidance on what percentage of capacity they will be able to use.  Talks are ongoing with the league and the best route to a return to football is being formulated now.

Wilson said: “We want to get this right.  There are still so many variables around how non-league football could return and the last thing we want to do is dive in head-first before we know what will be required.

“We do not want to be taking money out of our loyal supporters’ pockets at a difficult time.  Nor do we want a time-consuming refund process to have to be carried out if the sport re-starts with no supporters.

“I can reassure everyone that season tickets at Spennymoor Town will be affordable.  Our commitment to affordable football for all this season is robust, across the club’s whole pricing structure.

“We have prepared various pricing scenarios based on however the government or the league might direct us and will be in a position to make prices available quickly when we have certainty.

“Things are beginning to pick up pace now.  We are underway on even more exciting improvements to The Brewery Field and our match day, which we will reveal in coming weeks.

“We understand the clamour for tickets, but we could very easily end up in the undesirable situation where we have to limit the quantity we can sell due to government direction.  Or that we may have to refund a proportion of the funds to supporters.  Or even that the league could change shape altogether and our pricing would not be fit for purpose.

“Nobody is itching for real football to return more than those of us who work at the club.  Hopefully the wait is almost over.”