The Brewery Field Chronicles | Chapter Four | Housing the tools

If you ever wanted evidence of how far The Brewery Field has come in recent times, there is no better example than on Google Maps.
It’s actually possible to jump back in time by ten years and see the ground as it was in July 2009. So much has changed that it’s near enough unrecognisable. You can take a look for yourself here.
Take a wonder down Wood Vue, past the main entrance and stop just after the end of the Main Stand, and you are greeted with a sight which shows just how important our new equipment and storage facility is.

We are very proud to have worked with the club and the people involved. We wish the club the very best of luck always and hope the people involved remain to be so.”

A pile of rubble, tables, chairs and other random items make up a glorified hill just metres from the pitch. In terms of organisation, it’s far from where we are today, but it’s also a realistic look at where the club was in 2009 to where it is now a decade later.
The Brewery Field now has its own equipment store located just down from where that collection of rubbish sat ten years ago, and it was a vital introduction as it was built to house the new equipment, which in turn supported the pitch and ground improvements.
The first stage was designing the structure and aesthetics of the storage facility, and that job fell to Seanine Hasson from Create Architects, an architecture firm based in Stockton-on-Tees. You can view the original proposed design below.

The original proposed design sent to the club by Create Architecture.

The base was built by HMH Civils, while the steel work was manufactured and delivered by D&S services, then erected by Tekbuild. All of the electrical work was done by SEAS.
The cladding aspect was delivered by AKV Cladding and Aspect Facades. Dan Parker, Director at Aspect Facades, said: “We were delighted to be asked to carry out the installation of the cladding to Spennymoor Town’s new development.
“We worked closely with the Engineer, Architect and Spennymoor, developing the cladding design to produce a fine end product. We hope to be part of Spennymoor FC’s further expansions and success in the years to come.”
Phil Hodgson of Premier Tree Services, a firm of arboricultural contractors based in the North East of England, was delighted to have also been a part of the project. He said: “I was originally contacted by Ian Walker to remove some trees to facilitate the development of the stand and seating at the southerly end of the pitch.
“We were later drafted in by Tony Wilson to remove a mature privet hedge at the end of the North Terrace so a new building could be erected for the ground keepers.
“I must say the experience of working with the club was very professional and refreshing. It was clear how passionate both Ian and Tony are about the sport and how much that was embraced with the club.
“When talking about the new pitch, the drainage works and specialised knowledge that went into the project from start to finish, I could tell this wasn’t a job to the team. It was a passion with a vision.
“We are very proud to have worked with the club and the people involved. We wish the club the very best of luck always and hope the people involved remain to be so.”
So, with the ground staff now boasting their very own equipment storage which houses the tools needed to maintain the excellent developments, it’s very unlikely we will see that pile of rubbish at The Brewery Field any time soon.

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