National League Statement | Outcome of Written Resolutions

Spennymoor Town FC has tonight received word from the National League Board that sufficient votes have been cast to null and void the Vanarama National League North 2020/21 Season.

As a club, Spennymoor Town FC is pleased that the National League have seen fit to consult with clubs in this manner and that common sense has prevailed with the majority of clubs voting to draw the season to a close at a critical time in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The club’s board will now agree the route forward with regards to outstanding 2020/21 season ticket value and begin preparations for 2021/22.

More information on this will be released in due course.



Earlier this month, The National League distributed four resolutions for Member Clubs to consider the outcome of the 2020/21 season.

Further information can be found here.

With relevant voting thresholds now met for each resolution, The National League can confirm the outcome of this process as follows.


Resolution One

In summary: Step One and Two to be split in deciding the outcome of 2020/21 Playing Season. As a Special Resolution, a voting percentage of 75% or higher was required to pass.


National League: (for) 21- (against) 0

National League North: 16-6

National League South: 9-12

Result: Passed

As a result, Resolution Four is disregarded.


Resolution Two (National League only)

In summary: The National League 2020/21 Playing Season (Step One) to be declared null and void. A minimum 51% majority was required for Resolution Two to pass.


National League: 7-13

Result: Not Passed

As a result, the National League National Division will continue to operate for the remainder of the season


Resolution Three (National League North and South only)

In summary: The National League North and South 2020/21 Playing Season (Step Two) to be declared null and void. A minimum 51% majority was required for Resolution Three to pass.


National League North: 15-7

National League South: 9-12

Result: Passed

Resolution is passed and consequently the season at Step Two is null and void.


Note – There are 2 votes from the National Division that have not yet been cast, however, the outcome of the resolutions cannot be affected by these votes, however they are cast.

With the voting procedure now closed, National League North and South fixtures will cease with immediate effect.

The Board will take the resolution outcome to The Football Association for ratification. This will include dialogue regarding promotion and relegation.

Scheduled fixture vs Alfreton Town

As previously stated by the Chief Executive and Managing Director of Spennymoor Town FC, the club will not be continuing with the 2020/21 season.

This means we will not be participating in the scheduled fixture vs Alfreton Town.

The primary reason for this position is on the grounds of safety for our players, staff and officials.  Additionally, there is no resolution in place for the financial or testing issues facing all clubs in the National League system.

The resolution voting process is ongoing with clubs of all three divisions, meaning that playing this fixture could potentially result in risking the wellbeing of our people meaninglessly by the time results are published.

We notified Alfreton of our intentions earlier this week out of respect for our National League North counterparts.

We will continue to communicate with supporters via our digital channels as the situation develops.

Statement from the Chief Executive & Managing Director

Spennymoor Town can confirm that the club has voted to null and void the 2020/21 Vanarama National League North season.

All of the decisions the club has made throughout the global health crisis have been guided by one key principle: ensuring the safety of our players, staff, volunteers and supporters.

Therefore, the primary reason for the club’s decision is on the grounds of safety.

The league’s decision to suspend the season was the correct one, considering the spread of infection and lack of protection for players and officials.  However, the league is now proposing to restart with no testing protocol in place, despite infection rates still considered to be out of control.

Additionally, there is now an unsurmountable pile-up of fixtures to complete, which is not sensible given the country’s current situation.  It would mean exposing players to risk up to three times per week, which is not acceptable.

Spennymoor Town is a semi-professional football club, many of whose players have primary forms of employment which would be impacted by them risking transmission on the football pitch multiple times per week, let alone the risk that poses to their families.

Finally, the argument over funding has not reached a resolution. We were promised ongoing funding to allow football to take place earlier in the season, which now looks to have been incorrect information.  We would like to thank the National Lottery for the important £10m cash injection which has allowed us to reach this point. However, continuing without grants means that there is financial risk involved in resuming the league for many clubs.  Whilst Spennymoor Town is lucky to have the support of a benefactor within reason, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with many clubs who are not in this position and would be protected better by the league ending.

Besides the financial sticking points in restarting the league, it is arguable that the huge sums of government money needed to do so would be better spent in other places during a global pandemic and recession, such as buying much-needed tech for schoolchildren to continue their education, or many other urgent problems which are easy to name.

The league was stopped to allow solutions to be agreed and implemented for all of these issues, but this has not happened.


It is the decision of the club’s ownership and board that we cannot expose either our people or our club to the considerable risks outlined above, and as a result this is for all intents and purposes the end of the 2020/21 season for Spennymoor Town FC.  The club will not play tomorrow’s fixture vs AFC Telford United and does not intend to play again this season.

We would like to thank all of our fans and sponsors for their support of all kinds over the last 12 months.  We would like to thank our playing staff for their commitment to the club during one of the most difficult times to play football in memory. Finally, we would like to thank all of those people who have worked incredibly behind the scenes at the club over the last 12 months to allow football matches to take place and to allow our supporters to keep following the team, which has been an important outlet for so many.


We will return next season raring to go and we hope to be able to share football properly with our supporters only when it is once again safe to do so.


Brad and Tony

National League Statement: Written Resolutions

The National League has distributed resolutions this evening for Member Clubs to consider the outcome of the 2020/21 season.

The resolutions are formed of four parts: one Special Resolution and three Ordinary Resolutions based on the outcome of the first. A Special Resolution requires a 75% majority to be passed, whereas an Ordinary Resolution requires a more than 50% majority. Resolution 1 and 4 votes will be counted under prescribed voting conditions. Resolution 2 and 3 will be counted with one vote per Member Club.

Should Resolution 1 pass, Resolution 2 and 3 will be counted, with Resolution 4 disregarded. Should Resolution 1 be voted against, Resolution 4 will be counted, with Resolution 2 and 3 votes disregarded.

Under The National League’s Articles of Association, Member Clubs have 28 days to return voting submissions.

The resolutions are as follows:

Resolution 1 (All Clubs)

That Resolution 2 about whether to end the 2020/21 Playing Season of The National League (Step 1) be taken only by Clubs in the National League and that Resolution 3 about whether to end the 2020/21 Playing Season of the National League North and the National League South (Step 2) be taken only by Clubs that play in the National League North or the National League South with votes cast for Resolution 3 being counted on a one member, one vote basis for National League North and National League South Clubs.

Resolution 2 (National League Only)

That, conditional upon Resolution 1 being passed, the 2020/21 Playing Season of the National League (Step 1) shall immediately end on the date this Resolution 2 is passed and be declared null and void and subject to the approval of The Football Association, those Regulations that provide for promotion and relegation to and from Step 1 be suspended for the 2020/21 Playing Season.

Resolution 3 (National League North and South Only)

That, conditional upon Resolution 1 being passed, the 2020/21 Playing Season of the National League North and the National League South (Step 2) shall immediately end on the date this Resolution 3 is passed and be declared null and void and subject to the approval of The Football Association those Regulations that provide for promotion and relegation to and from Step 2 be suspended for the 2020/21 Playing Season.

Resolution 4 (All Clubs)

That, conditional upon Resolution 1 being passed, the 2020/21 Playing Season of the National League North and the National League South (Step 2) shall immediately end on the date this Resolution 3 is passed and be declared null and void and subject to the approval of The Football Association those Regulations that provide for promotion and relegation to and from Step 2 be suspended for the 2020/21 Playing Season.


Statement from National League North & South Clubs

“Firstly, we wish to acknowledge the decisiveness in which the National League dealt with our concerns by supporting our request for the immediate suspension of our competitions on January 22.

We have this evening received a letter from Nigel Huddleston MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Sport, Tourism and Heritage) inviting us to a webinar tomorrow, which will allow Sport England to set out the criteria for loans and grants (the latter of which is available only for those with no ability to repay loans).

Loans are merely an extension to our life support and therefore foolhardy.

We have yet to receive any assurances as to how we may mitigate against our inability to test our employees and volunteers for COVID, or against the government’s insistence that we trade whilst insolvent.

With no apparent end in sight, this excruciating pandemic has us all facing financial imbalances of varying degrees.

All of this is adding to additional stress and uncertainty that could and should have been avoidable.

Having since been ordered to re-schedule our postponed games in accordance with the National League rules, we must now reiterate our stance.

Without adequate and fair funding towards COVID testing and to offset against the loss of income, we are unable to uphold the integrity of the football pyramid and insist that the season is curtailed no later than Friday, February 5, to allow all clubs to be assessed for grants.”


AFC Telford – Andy Pryce

Alfreton Town – Wayne Bradley

Bradford (Park Avenue) – Martin Knight

Concord Rangers – Antony Smith

Curzon Ashton – Wayne Salkeld

Chippenham Town – Neil Blackmore

Darlington – David Johnston

Dulwich & Hamlet – Ben Clasper

Farsley Celtic – Joshua Greaves

Gateshead – Neil Pinkerton

Guiseley – Gary Douglas

Hereford – Rob Crawford

Kettering Town – David Mahoney

Slough Town – Kay Lathey

Southport – Ian Kyle

Spennymoor Town – Tony Wilson

The season so far…in numbers

With the season currently on a two-week hiatus, we have looked back at the campaign and picked out some of the best statistics, numbers and data from the 2020/21 season so far.

It’s been a unique season which has seen a delayed start, late goals and postponements galore.

a disjointed campaign

A combination of Covid-19 issues and weather have created a huge backlog of fixtures over the course of the first four months of the season. A total of 126 fixtures have been postponed in 2020/21 so far across the National League North, with the huge number of 60 in January heavily inflated due to the ongoing fortnight break.

December has witnessed the fewest postponements with just 14 games falling victim, with November’s total of 52 successfully played matches a high over the opening months.

162 scheduled games have been played since October, with a mere 11% of those being played in the month of January.

Both the league and Spennymoor have suffered from a huge number of postponements this season.

In terms of Moors’ involvement in the league this season, it’s been a stop/start campaign to date. Spennymoor have played 13 times in the National League North, which is fewer than 17 of the other 21 teams in the division. That means that 77% of the league has played more times than Moors.

In fact, only York (12), Hereford (12) and Darlington (11) have played on fewer occasions.

Spennymoor, along with Boston United, have only played 13 league games in 2020/21 so far.


It’s been a season of the late show. Moors have benefited from a host of goals coming late in games, predominantly in the final fifteen minutes of contests. However, there have also been late killer blows against, with late winners for AFC Fylde and Brackley Town leading to agonising 1-0 defeats respectively.

There have been 14 goals scored for and against after the 72nd minute across Spennymoor’s 13 league games in 2020/21. It’s an even split, with for and against. Interestingly, Moors have netted 38% of their 18 league goals in the final eight minutes, however, 43% of the 14 conceded has occurred in the same period.

Late goals have been a common theme this season, with 14 scored after the 72nd minute for and against.

Glen Taylor has made a habit of scoring vital late goals this season, earning three draws for Moors courtesy of goals in the 86th, 84th, 84th minutes respectively.

Both Nathan Buddle and Ben McKenna have scored past the 89th minute mark against Chester and Curzon Ashton respectively, goals which remain their only one this season.


The duo of Glen Taylor and Rob Ramshaw have been two vital cogs in the Spennymoor team for a number of years now, and their numbers in terms of league goals reflects that. 

Taylor (8) and Ramshaw (5) have netted 72.2% of Moors’ league goals in 2020/21. They have averaged a combined goal contribution of 38.4% in the three previous National League North campaigns since promotion in 2017, with their 42.9% total in 2019/20 their best full season total to date.

Taylor and Ramshaw's goals have been a huge part of Moors' life in the National League North.

Taylor’s goals alone have played a huge part in Moors’ success in recent times. Only Hereford’s Lenell Nicholas John-Lewis can match Taylor’s 44.4% contribution to their teams overall total so far this season.


This one is a little complicated, but it shines a light on how Moors are in a slightly false position given the number of games played across the division to date.

You can calculate a ‘Relative Performance Index‘ score by multiplying the team’s Points per Game (PPG) by the combined PPG average of their played opponents (Away PPG of opponents played at home and Home PPG of opponents played away).

Yellow represents a side stays in their current league position. Green signifies a rise in places, while red shows a drop.

Moors would jump up four places from 12th to 8th in the National League North table based on the RPI formula. League leaders Gloucester stay top, while AFC Fylde and Chester swap places in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Brackley jump one place to 4th, while Leamington’s impressive form means they go from 8th to 5th.

Kidderminster drop two places to 6th, Boston one to 7th and then Moors who benefit from a PPG of 1.54 and their opponents average PPG of 1.35. Confused yet?…

5 ways to fill the footballing void and stay positive

Following the announcement from the National League on Friday that both North and South divisions would be suspended for two weeks, it will be 43 days from our previous game against Gateshead and our next scheduled match against Chorley.

The 2020/21 season has already been heavily disrupted, with postponements a common theme throughout a unique season, however, this will be the longest break since the first lockdown and subsequent cancellation of the 2019/20 campaign.

To help get you through a tough time, we have put together five ways to fill the void as the National League North takes a break.


stay in touch with fellow moors supporters

The age of social media means it’s so easy to interact and stay in touch with people over a number of different platforms. Our club Twitter account is always a hive of activity with regular interaction from supporters. Strike up a conversation, revisit old content and make sure to follow us and turn on notifications so you don’t miss a thing!

We also have a Facebook page and an Instagram hub where you can find like minded Spennymoor supporters.

re-watch previous games and content

Our official club YouTube channel, ‘Moors TV’, is the perfect place to watch old games and historic moments. You can view highlights of full games all the way back to 2014, as well as take in a host of special features and short films about our FA Vase triumph and Play-Off Final in 2019.




Make your voice heard and be part of an independent supporters group by joining the T.I.G.E.R.S! The Independent Group for Engagement and Representation at Spennymoor aim to reach all supporters and give them a voice on various different matter around the club.

You can get in touch with the TIGERS in a number of different ways:


We launched our official club magazine, ‘Moors’, at the end of 2020, with November’s issue going on sale to high acclaim. We still have a number of copies available to purchase on our online club shop. You can read the latest edition which covers December and January for FREE online now!




It’s a difficult time to stay motivated when it comes to many things in life at the minute, not just football. Football has become a shining light and a distraction from the adversity of lockdown and Covid-19, so without it for a short while, it may be easy to slip in to a negative mindset.

There are so many tools, blogs, advice hubs and websites that can help shine a positive light on the current situation, as well as provide tips and useful information on how to deal with any anxiety you may be currently feeling. If you are struggling, take a look through some of our selected articles and pages.

Harriers trip gets new date

Spennymoor Town’s trip to Aggborough to face Kidderminster Harriers has a new date.

The National League North fixture will now take place on Tuesday 2nd February at 7.45pm.

The match will be streamed live on the hosts’ streaming platform, with Moors providing live free commentary with Adam Hassell and Sam Fletcher.

The originally scheduled game was postponed last weekend due to Covid-19 issues in the Harriers camp.

National League release: Winter Survival Package

The National League has held meetings with Member Clubs today to discuss further information regarding the Government’s Winter Survival Package.


A presentation was given to Member Clubs at today’s meetings to assess various options. The National League wishes to place on record its gratitude for the approach of Member Clubs at each meeting.


Interim General Manager of The National League, Mark Ives, has requested each Member Club to provide views on three points:


  1. The operation of a Club Loan process.
  2. The operation of a National League Loan.
  3. A suspension to The National League 2020/21 season.


The purpose of feedback is to assist the Board in understanding views of all 66 Clubs. The Board will be meeting before the end of the week.