The 10 things we miss about match days

We all miss them. From the euphoria of a goal hitting the back of the net to the strong aroma of bovril, match days are a big miss at the moment as the football hiatus continues. So, let’s look at the 10 things we miss most about match days!

1. the buzz

Every football fan knows the feeling. You wake up on a Saturday and your brain automatically kicks into routine. It’s another weekend which can only mean one thing, it’s match day. Often refereed to as the match day ‘buzz’, it’s that feeling of anticipation, excitement and nerves rolled into one. Outcomes and scenarios fill your head with another 90 minutes on the horizon.

Following Spennymoor is no different. Whether it’s an early start with a trip to Kidderminster, Hereford or Telford on the agenda, or a short walk to The Brewery Field, the feeling is always the same.

2. the mates

The social side of football is one of biggest appeals to fans. Meeting up with your mates for a pre-match pint, natter about tactics and who you would play in the number 10 role is all part of the experience. With the working week over, match days are the perfect tonic to have a laugh, destress and take your mind off the stresses of daily life.

Football is therapy for many people, and nothing quite beats a few beers, some lighthearted banter and cheering on the lads with your pals.

3. the walk

You’ve had your pre-match pint in The Moors Tavern and mingled with both home and away supporters as it nears 1.30pm. With the turnstiles about to open, you make your way down Durham Road and towards the home of Moors, The Brewery Field.

As you turn into Wood Vue, the Spennymoor arch greets you. You spot the ‘Welcome’ signs and the National League logos which give you another reminder of the club’s astronomical rise. After a warm greeting from the turnstile staff, you edge your way through the entrance and immediately in front of you reads, ‘Welcome to Spennymoor’. It’s almost time.

4. the smell

This one may seem a tad odd, but every football fan will be able to relate when you mention the smell of a match day. It’s that burger van aroma which flutters through the air as the tannoy begins to blast out the tunes. It’s the freshly cut grass. It’s the strong scent of bovril. It may be a small detail in the grand scheme of a match day, but it’s another simple thing we miss.

5. the first glance

With home games so frequent, it’s easy to forget about the little details which present themselves to you before a game. There’s so much to take in, from the preparations on the pitch ahead of the warm up’s to the club shop starting to fill up with fans looking for a bargain.

Everywhere you turn there’s something happening. Programmes being sold, photos being taken, old teammates catching up, media teams setting up. The list goes on.

6. the warm-up

In essence, the warm-up is a secondary thought for supporters already in the ground. Most will be enjoying themselves in The Neil Adams Sports Bar or warming themselves up with a hot drink. But, it’s a great chance to watch the lads get into their stride before it’s game-time.

Who’s up for it? How sharp is everyone? How many passes can they put together? What we would do just to watch a warm-up now!

7. the whistle

Pre-match music played. The lads are out and going through their final preparations. This is what the whole day has built up to. The butterflies begin as the referee puts the whistle tip his lips. The roar goes up and the game is under way, with 90 minutes of passion, adrenaline and, hopefully, excitement to follow.

Let’s be honest, it’s never been dull supporting Spennymoor down the years, so a lack of entertainment is never something we need to worry about!


“We’ve got…Jason Ainsley, we’ve got…Jason Ainsley!” Songs and chants are a massive part of fan culture across the world. They range from basic to obscure, and, on the odd occasion, hilarious! We sadly can’t transcribe Ben McKenna’s chant, but I’m sure Moors fans would be happy to fill in the gaps.

Whether it’s a song about Glen Taylor’s magic hat or James Curtis mirroring the performances of a certain Liverpool defender, they make us laugh, scream and feel pride.

9. the goals

Thierry Henry once said, ‘Sometimes in life you have to score goals.’ The Frenchman is not wrong. It’s what our day ultimately boils down to. Can we put the ball in the back of the opponents net? Moors are the top scorers in the 2019/20 season, so it’s a feeling we are all used to.

Nothing beats the euphoria of when the ball hits the back of the net. A long range screamer, a dipping volley, a pinpoint header, a tap in from a yard out. A goal is a goal. We miss goals.

10. the three points

What better way to round off the day than three points? It’s what the lads train for every Tuesday and Thursday, with the holy grail of a victory signalling job done. It sets you up for a great night ahead at The Moors Tavern or further afield and the following week ahead is always a little sweeter on the back of a win.

Let’s hope that winning feeling returns soon, but in the meantime, stay home and stay safe!

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