Looking back on another season of progress

By Adam Brown, Director of Marketing and Communications, Spennymoor Town FC


Today feels sombre for football fans.

It should have been Spennymoor’s final scheduled league game of the season.  We should have been looking back on another successful season and, dare I say it, wondering what might lie in store in the National League North play-offs.

Instead, we’re scratching our heads trying to agree on how the burning issues of promotion and relegation should be dealt with.  One thing is for sure: whatever is decided, some people won’t be satisfied.  Finding a happy medium between the best interests of every club in every league is an impossibility.  It is now up to those who make league decisions to take the course of action that seems the most fair and I do not envy them one bit.

Overall, it has been another season of rapid progression for the club, but in some new ways.  We have broken new ground (literally) in terms of our facilities and our match day experience.  We have plenty more exciting plans in this area, but they will be affected heavily by what transpires over the next few months.

The team, as always in the years I’ve followed The Moors, has been competitive at the top end of the table.  In the couple of weeks before football was cancelled we seemed to be showing some of those touches of magic that carried us to that incredible play-off final last season and it’s a shame we won’t get a chance to see whether this squad could have gone one step further.

I enjoy looking back at that day.  It was a proud moment despite the result and there’s no better way than through the 10-minute video ‘The Final’, which you can watch here:

The media team at the club has been working hard whilst in lockdown to continue to bring a smile to supporters’ faces, fuelled by what our fans have given us this year.  Record average attendances, brilliant atmospheres and a whole lot of fun have been a staple at The Brewery Field.

Some memorable late wins over Chester and Darlington stick in the mind as some of the best games of football over the season.  Personally, the away victory over Alfreton felt really hard-fought and well deserved; Robbie Ramshaw was unplayable that day in arguably one of the best individual performances all season.  You can always look back over those games and the monthly summaries still being released regularly on our Youtube channel too.  Click here to see all of our videos.

The vast programme of ground works which started almost a year ago has been one of the stories of the season.  It was a monumental effort from club officials, suppliers, staff and supporters.  As Jason Ainsley has said since the season ended; the ground has become something we can be immensely proud of.  You can look back at how the club has transformed over the last 18 months in this short documentary, entitled “The Legacy”.

As I’ve mentioned, supporters played a significant part in this development.  From physically helping with painting and cleaning to generous donations through the Supporters’ Club.  This week we acknowledged the importance of this in a thank you video we sent to those who run the Supporters’ Club:

We want to continue to make all supporters of Spennymoor Town proud.  We are preparing various scenarios around when football may or may not restart in this country and we’ll be ready to deliver whenever we get that green light.  Until then, our priority is protecting the club financially as much as possible.

For now, we must follow the guidance, stay in contact with each other and take some time to enjoy the brilliant moments last season produced.  Whatever the footballing outcome of the next few months, those moments have provided us a platform to go on and have even better ones next season; which is something we can all look forward to.



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