How you can continue to support Spennymoor Town

It goes without saying that Spennymoor Town FC is facing a difficult few months.  Despite the clarity provided by the National League’s announcement last week, which ended the 2019/20 season, we are still no clearer on when football could potentially return.

The club’s financial team have efficiently minimised outgoings where possible, but there are still expenses we need to pay regularly.

As always, the club is focused on providing excellent value for supporters and is currently modelling options for season tickets for next season.  Our view is that we want supporters to concentrate on themselves and their own financial situations, without being concerned about securing season tickets.

We are not likely to have a start date for 2020/21 any time soon and we want to have some guidance on when this could be before making season tickets available.


Support from the Chief Executive

As covered in a previous update, Brad Groves has agreed to personally cover the financial shortfall in the club’s academy, Spennymoor Town Youth FC.  He is continuing to do so to protect youth football in the area, which he is passionate about continuing to grow.

Mr Groves is also providing support for the Moors Tavern and the club’s permanent staff to ensure we can keep people working who need to maintain essential areas, such as the pitch and ground facilities.  We are now carrying out some end-of-season drainage improvements on the playing surface, which have been planned for some time, to improve it even further ahead of whenever we are able to play matches once again.


How you can help

Tony Wilson, Managing Director, released a statement recently outlining that one of Spennymoor Town’s advantages in this period is the ability to generate revenue through our commercial relationship with Great Annual Savings Group (GAS).  During normal operations, this has been a point of competitive advantage for the club.  At present, however, this potential cash has become essential in being able to cover our costs.

If you own a business or know a business owner and want to support the club, simply refer them to get in touch and start the ball rolling.  GAS has helped hundreds of businesses since the lockdown came into force and has a track record of reducing outgoing costs for businesses of all sizes.  The Group can be a useful partner for businesses at a time when their finances are being stretched.

To refer, please email:

[email protected]



How to make donations

Whilst we are encouraging supporters to manage their finances carefully, we have received enquiries on how to make donations to the club and have received some already.  This is greatly appreciated by everyone.

If you would like to make a donation to the club, you can do so by clicking here.


We’d like to remind everyone to follow governmental guidance on staying at home and isolating where appropriate and give the club’s best wishes to everyone.


Perfecting the pitch…

In case you’re wondering how our beautiful new pitch is faring with a well-earned break, we think pictures say it better than words.  We’re adding in some extra drainage on the Tees Crescent side of the pitch and Head Groundsman Mark Sleightholme has been hard at work with the lawn-mower, as you can see!

A sprinkler covers a football pitch in water
South end of the ground looking luscious
Two large sprinklers soaking a luscious green football pitch
The pitch has needed regular watering over the warm weather recently
A checkered pattern on a football pitch
Mark has had his creative lawnmower out…
A tractor and some workmen dig shallow trenches in a pitch
Further drainage is being added to the Tees Crescent side of the pitch
A closeup of the drainage being dug
The drainage will perfect the last part of the pitch

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