Consortium win Taylor shirt with huge donation

A consortium of 115 people have won the club’s blind auction for Glen Taylor’s signed 100 goals celebration shirt, raising a huge sum for the club in the process.

The auction was launched last week and closed at 5pm today with the final bid standing at an incredible £1,435.  This money will be put towards the club’s running costs whilst no football is taking place.

The consortium, dubbed “The Aisle Four Ultras” have asked that the shirt is displayed in The Neil Adams Sports Bar at The Brewery Field and the club will have a plaque created commemorating every consortium member.

Speaking on behalf of the consortium, supporter Niki Lawson provided the following statement:

“We had an idea in our WhatsApp group to get a few people together to bid for the shirt, but it then grew and we wanted to allow as many people to be a part of it as possible.

“I would like to thank everyone who contributed towards the bid, especially in such uncertain times, and we are delighted to donate the shirt back to the club so it can be displayed in The Neil Adams Sports Bar for all supporters to enjoy.

“We look forward to bidding again on a new shirt, once Glen bags his 200th goal!”

The members of the consortium are as follows:

Niki Lawson

Nancy Eva Lawson

Hayley Graves

Rachael Trotter

Dan Newell

Paul Hughes

Amy Stephenson

Kath Bush

Dave Dobbie

Paul Dobbie

Andrew Miller

Chris Birchall

Jordan Rowcroft

Paul Edgcumbe

Jay Gale

Peter Bennett

Tom Bennett

Chris Lownds

Dezy Ward

David Nelson

Dan Brown

Gavin Blenkinsopp

Luke Cowie

Ryan Ayre

Daniel Gray

Mario Terminiello

Lewis Breckon

Dave Harrison

Lynn Graves

David Graves

Ron Graves

Mike Rowcroft

Cheryl Rowcroft

Graeme Rodgerson

Paul Rodgerson

Jonathan Le-Poidevin

David Leitch

Kev Shaw

Phil Shaw

Stephen Thompson

Ste Guy

Lee Halbert

Keiran Nichol

Darren Ross

Andrew Laidler

Ian Hubbard

Chris Morgan

Matthew Hackworth

Matty Hannon

Brian Edgcumbe

Amy Hardy

Lexi Hardy

Tia Hardy

Chris Smith

Brandon Steckles-Young

Owen Smith

Mark Moore

Oliver Morris

Liam Curry

Oliver Dunn

Tony Hughes


Graeme Cook

Jamie Chandler

Rob Ramshaw

Andy Oates

Greg Jewett

Kris Gargett

Barry Anderson

Ross Anderson

Carl Anderson

Jessica Anderson

Tyler Anderson

Paul Rockett

Ralph Clayton

Paul Coombes

Chris Anderson

Michael Stainthorpe

Steve Wharrier

Paul Gillham

Peter Lawler

Mark Cunningham

Sam Raper

Gary Campbell

Michael Foster

Andy Robinson

Andy Sixsmith

Andy Dawson

Andy Harvey

Papa Kel

Adam Brown

Jason Ainsley

Lewis Barr

Gary Barr

Ethan Day

Simon Barker

Cameron Barker

Gerry Hamilton

Ian Geldard

Michael Lowes

Garry Bolton

Jamie Stainthorpe

Bryan Constable

Adam Turner

Ian Elloway

Steve Wake

Debra Swinburn

Gary Swinburn

Megan Swinburn

Beth Swinburn

Tony Wilson

Ann Wilson

Bradley Wilson

Lewis Wilson

Allan Wheatley



Thank you to everyone who has contributed.  The cash raised is important to contributing towards the club’s outgoing costs.


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