Further investments in The Brewery Field undwerway

The latest tranche of investments in The Brewery Field mean that every spectator area in the ground has been improved in the last two years.

The transformation of the ground and its matchday experience has been one of the success stories of last season.  Average attendances were up by more than 40 per cent and season ticket sales reached record heights.

The Neil Adams Sports Bar; a new covered stand; terracing; safety measures; turnstiles; bars; seating areas; a relaunched club shop; top-quality floodlights; and a state-of-the-art CCTV system are just some of improvements to have been introduced since last August.  Not to mention The Brewery Field’s beautiful new pitch.

The improvement project has continued since the last campaign was cut short by the Coronavirus pandemic, with another expansive range of works already underway.

Tony Wilson, Managing Director, is once again spearheading the project and is looking forward to supporters enjoying the updates.

He said: “We have undertaken another comprehensive review of what the final matchday product looked like at the end of last season and identified another list of areas we can make further progress.

“It represents another significant investment from the club and has involved the Board, the footballing management team, club officials and consultation with supporters through various methods.

“I’m excited about the prospect of how our beloved ground will look and feel when we finally welcome supporters and spectators back.  The return of football is going to be a momentous occasion for millions of people in this country; but it will be made so much sweeter for our supporters when they walk back into a ground they can be deeply proud of.

“Feedback has been unanimously positive on last season’s improvements.  We are discussing further possibilities on top of what we have already planned and I hope to be able to share more details on these with everyone soon.”


The latest new investments to date include:

Further improvements to pitch drainage.

The Tees Crescent side of the ground now has a further 12 under-pitch drains in place.  Additionally, a drainage system has been installed along the concrete side of the pitch boundary to prevent run-off water from reaching the pitch on the Tees Crescent side.

A drain has been installed on the pitch side of the dugouts, connecting to the perimeter drain, to prevent water collecting there and keep the dugouts in dryer condition throughout the season.

Tractor and people install drains in football pitch
The new drainage being installed


Artificial referee’s assistant runs.

Artificial grass will be installed along the touchlines on the North East and South West sides of the playing surface to negate wear and tear through constant official use during matches.


Floodlight fine-tuning.

Our Football League-standard floodlights have been refocused to allow more even coverage of light across the playing surface for next season.  The lights exceeded league requirements when they were installed last year but were slightly brighter in some areas than others.  This has been evened out.


Updating the final terracing.

The terracing between the dugouts and the Motif8 stand has now been removed and work has started on rebuilding this to the same standard as the rest of the ground, adding additional capacity in this area and improving safety.


New surface in the Wood Vue corner.

The area of ground between the Ramside Estates Main Stand and the Motif8 Stand which has housed the marquees over the last few years will be tarmacked and levelled ready for further development in the future, giving the area an even and uniform finish.


Extension of crush barriers.

The black crush barriers in the new covered stand at the South end of the ground will be extended along the Wood Vue side of the ground towards the matchday offices and the Ramside Estates Main Stand.  They will also be repeated all the way to the dugouts on the Tees Crescent side of the ground.


Toilet block upgrade.

The toilet block adjoining the Wood Vue turnstiles will be renovated to a significantly improved standard.

The toilet block under construction with bollards outside
The toilet block under repair


External pathway around the Main Stand.

The shallow pathway between the Main Stand and the Wood Vue road surface will be levelled out and re-covered.

The shallow path outside the main stand


Painting and cleaning.

The entire ground has been cleaned thoroughly and several outstanding fence and wall panels which were not “on-brand” have been painted to match the rest of the stadium.


Flexible segregation fencing.

Several segregation points have been installed around the ground, allowing the club to change its strategy per match according to the requirements for segregation.


Disabled section cover.

The disabled section outside the Neil Adams Sports Bar was not getting adequate cover from the stand to its left last season.  This will be improved and a hashed area will be added in front of it to improve sight lines from the platform.


Pitch care.

The playing surface has been verti-drained and treated with sand and extra seed to stay level and improve surface coverage.

tractor spreading sand over football pitch
The pitch receiving some love and attention


Look out for more news on The Brewery Field coming soon.

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