Chief Executive makes donation pledge after GAS becomes Sunderland AFC principle partner

One of Spennymoor Town’s major sponsors, Great Annual Savings, has become Sunderland AFC’s principle partner and will display their logo on both home and away kit’s for the 2020/21 campaign.

Spennymoor Town Chief Executive, Brad Groves, has also pledged to donate £5,000 to Sunderland and County Durham Foodbank if its Twitter account reaches 5,000 followers by midnight on Sunday 9 August.

This total will increase by £1,000 for every 1,000 followers after that, up £10,000.

Thousands of Sunderland fans engaged with GAS following the 10am announcement on Thursday morning.

Groves said: “We were clear in our statement when the principal partnership was announced that we wanted to use this platform to produce a positive impact on the community.

“In a world of rising unemployment and economic uncertainty, there are going to be families in the city who will fall on hard times and need to access foodbanks.  It has become an all too common trend in our country and we know that the Sunderland and County Durham Foodbank will be stretched.

“We have supported the Foodbank for the last three years through the generosity of our colleagues and we want to follow the example that Sunderland supporters have set with their collection recently.  We hope this strikes a chord with supporters and we can donate the maximum £10,000.

“We will be engaging further with the Foodbank throughout this partnership to leverage the incredible social power of the club, who are keen to support us.

To show your support to the Durham and Sunderland Foodbank simply follow @The_GAS_Group on Twitter by midnight on Sunday 9 August.

Find out more about the partnership here.



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