Chief Executive launches affordable football drive

Spennymoor Town FC is on a mission to make high quality football accessible.

The club’s “affordable football for all” strategy has been launched this week and will be exhibited through improved facilities, reduced prices and maximum value for money for any person engaging with Spennymoor Town FC.

Club Chief Executive Brad Groves was clear in a statement in June that he was dismayed with the treatment of non-league football clubs and supporters since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The club’s response to this has been to address every financial interaction supporters, players and families have with the club to ensure affordability at every juncture.

Moors season ticket holders were granted refunds on the three home games that they missed of the 2019/20 season in June.  All parental direct debits within Spennymoor Town Youth FC were cancelled and outstanding running costs were covered personally by the Chief Executive until training resumed.

Mr Groves sees Spennymoor Town FC as a conduit to deliver social value of all kinds and wants the club to be accessible to anyone who wants to be a part of it.

He said: “We have conducted a forensic exercise to make sure that we practice what we preach.

“In order to deliver this strategy, we are making reductions to our pricing structures and simplifying them.  Supporting Spennymoor Town this season will be cheaper than ever, but it will also be better than ever.

“Our matchdays have seen drastic improvements over the last two seasons and they will be improved further again this year with more leaps forward in quality and execution.

“I am pleased to confirm more major ground improvements, which will take place over the next two months and will be revealed weekly during August.

“We are making changes to bring catering, retail, bars and other offers in-house, which will allow us to reduce pricing without compromising on quality.  For example, we are hiring our own catering team, who will deliver modern street food and classic matchday snacks through innovative new methods, to be revealed soon.

“In short, matchdays are going to reach new heights at The Brewery Field.  We will become an example within non-league football this season.

“That doesn’t just include Spennymoor supporters.  We are working on improved facilities for visiting supporters too. 

In the decades I have spent in football, I have never seen a club doing what we are this season.  I am sure it will attract another record year of gates and season ticket holders.

“Whether it is the cost of entry, the price of a pint or the food offers; attending a match at The Brewery Field will be affordable and the experience will be excellent.

“I am looking forward to releasing our season tickets for purchase when the time is right.  They are going to be a smart purchase offering even greater value than ever before.

“It is important to remember that all of this extra work is based around what happens on the pitch.  With the impressive additions we have already made and the plans to complete Jason’s squad, we are going to be in a stronger position than ever to compete at the sharp end of the league.

“Spennymoor Town FC will offer promotion-chasing football of an entertaining standard; exceptional quality facilities; a best-in-class matchday offering; links with businesses and community organisations; a free event space for the County; and a lot more.

“All of this will be delivered through affordable football for all at a price you would expect from a club sitting divisions beneath the National League North.

“Spennymoor Town Youth FC is again providing more value than ever before.  We offer high-quality, free kit to all of our players through sponsorship from Great Annual Savings Group.  Parents are charged the cheapest monthly subs of any club of our standard in the North East, perhaps the whole country.

“We boast UEFA A and B licensed coaches, who run our teams and improve our players without elitism.  It isn’t affordable football for the best players; it is affordable football for all.

“We have extremely exciting news coming up about the facilities the young people and children can access when playing for Spennymoor.  There are pathways being created to help young people in their growth as players and as people to ensure they have the opportunity to progress in the sport if they so wish.

“Keep a close eye on Spennymoor Town over the next two months.  By the time the season starts, excitement will have reached fever pitch.”

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