Field of Dreams: Fan Zones

The current climate may be hanging an uncertain cloud over the allowance of fans back into football grounds, but it is safe to say that it will be worth the wait for Spennymoor Town fans with the arrival of two new fan zones.

Chief Executive, Brad Groves, launched the ‘affordable football for all’ strategy on Monday afternoon which will herald improved facilities, reduced prices and maximum value for money for any person engaging with Spennymoor Town FC.

A significant part of the ‘AFFA’ blueprint is a series of major ground improvements which will take The Brewery Field to new heights

The club is delighted to announce that work on two fans zones inside The Brewery Field will commence in the coming weeks.

Both sides of the ground will boast a new, dedicated space for home and away supporters, located next to the Ramside Hall Estates Main Stand and in the South corner of the Tees Crescent end.

The Brewery Field featured a marquee and bierkeller tables during the 2019/20 season, as well as The Neil Adams Sports Bar, giving supporters multiple options to grab a drink and some food from the moment turnstiles opened until full time.

The 2020/21 season will offer fans more variety, higher quality and new options for less.  The two new fan zones will allow supporters to congregate throughout the day, providing a blend of drinks, entertainment and a unique assortment of modern street food and classic match-day snacks through innovative new methods.

This will all be delivered via a brand new catering delivery team, which is being put in place at the club ready for the new season.

All catering will be taken in-house, allowing a greater quality offering at a more affordable price.

The two environments will be Spennymoor branded with multiple service points, artificial grass surfaces, canopies, shelter, seating and tables.  The perfect outdoor congregation spot.

Managing Director Tony Wilson believes the new fan zones will form a major part of improving the fan experience further for both sets of fans.

He said: “If you look at the message of affordable football for all we released earlier this week, this fits nicely within that whole strategy.

“The fan zones give us opportunities to have a wider range of refreshments, drinks, street food and more, delivered by our new on-site catering team.

“These additions will put us right up there in terms of match day experience for both home and away fans.  Even when segregated, visiting supporters will have access to their own fan zone.”

Group General Manager Matthew Hannon feels the addition of the fan zones will set The Brewery Field apart as the finest match day experience in non-league.

He said: “The club is making giant strides both on and off the pitch, and these two fan zones will take our match day offerings for all ages to the next level.

“Taking the hospitality on ourselves following three years with Ramside Hall is a major step for the club and it adds to what is an exciting time at Spennymoor Town.

“We are grateful for the good work and quality Ramside brought to The Brewery Field but the fan zones will give the club more control and allow us to reduce pricing.”

The fan zones will comprise:

  • A branded six metre food, snacks and beverage unit, including a bar
  • The re-stocked and relocated Moors Store
  • A 12-metre stretch tent canopy, providing shelter and shade
  • Artificial grass flooring
  • Six bierkeller tables for use with food and beverages with long seating
An aerial shot of The Brewery Field showing the location of the Tees Crescent fan zone.

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