Field of Dreams: A trip back in time

The summer of 2007 was a significant time in the history of Spennymoor Town.

It was the beginning of Jason Ainsley’s reign as manager, a position he still occupies with the same level of passion and dedication to this day.

Much has changed since then, both on and off the pitch, with success at Wembley, multiple promotions and countless unforgettable memories littering the 13 proceeding years.

The football club, and in particular The Brewery Field, finds itself in a very different position today than in July 2007 when a series of photos were taken of Moors’ home.

Spennymoor had just won the Northern League Division Two title, securing 96 points and losing just two games in a 40-game campaign.

Following the title success, fans headed down to help apply the final touches to The Brewery Field before the 2007/08 season, in which Moors would eventually finish 12th.

While providing a reminder of the club’s roots, the photos also show the seismic progression made off the field.

See below some comparison shots from 2007 to 2020. What a transformation!

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