Club Covid response praised

Spennymoor Town FC has received praise from the DCMS, the National League and Durham Constabulary for its covid-compliant safety procedures across club operations.

Head of Matchday Peter Storey has worked closely with First Team Manager Jason Ainsley, General Manager Matthew Hannon and Head of Academy Andy Lowe to ensure all of the club’s venues and procedures meet and exceed DCMS guidelines.

The club’s medical and safeguarding teams have played crucial roles in the formulation of all procedures, including Club Physio Andy Oates, Dr Dan Ross and Safeguarding Lead Allan Wheatley.

The club’s procedures have been difficult to deliver, but they have been implemented as a non-negotiable to all visitors to the club’s premises, whether that is The Moors Tavern, The Brewery Field or Spennymoor Town Youth FC sessions.

Tony Wilson, Managing Director, said: “We have received communication from several bodies now to compliment our procedures.

“The police praised our social distancing measures when the Moors Tavern and Neil Adams Sports Bar were allowed to be open and our matchday procedures have been thoroughly vetted and approved as best practice.

“We are proud to have had very few issues to implement these, but all decisions for the last eight months have been guided by one key principle: the safety and welfare of people.

“Spennymoor Town’s Covid principles are stringent, effective and well-enforced.  Anyone involved in the club must follow them and are held to account if they do not.

“I would like to place on record my thanks to everyone involved, especially Peter Storey who has the thankless responsibility of keeping up to date with all of the latest guidance and managing our approach on a flexible basis.

“Andy Oates and Allan Wheatley have been at the heart of the delivery of our policies.

“Additionally, I would like to thank the Spennymoor staff, academy parents, academy coaches and visitors to our venues for their patience and understanding.

“Of course, nobody can be 100 per cent perfect in this scenario, but we have dealt with any advice or issues that have emerged immediately and effectively.  The praise our systems have received from multiple external sources is testament to the work everyone is doing.

“I felt it pertinent to say thank you, because this way of life is not easy.  But, by working together, we will get through it in a secure and controlled manner.

“Stay safe everyone.”

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