Streaming pass options and end of season message from Tony Wilson

Now that the 2020/21 season has officially been resolved by the National League, the club can issue two options to those who still retain value from the purchase of a streaming pass.

Streaming passes were provided for the equivalent price of a season ticket, meaning adults paid £130, concessions paid £90 and juniors paid just £15.

Divided up per match, that means that the following value has been received by supporters using the service.

                                          Received                         Outstanding                Refund (less admin cost)

Adults                                 £37.14                                 £92.86                                 £90.00

Concessions                      £25.71                                 £64.29                                 £62.00

Juniors                                £4.29                                   £10.71                                 £9.00

The total amount of potential refunds that the club is liable to potentially pay is more than £13,000, which is a major outlay at a time when finances are extremely tight for any football club.

For this reason, we would like to put forward the option of leaving the outstanding amount with Spennymoor Town FC as a donation, which will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way towards helping the club prepare for next season.  To do so, you do not need to complete any form.  Simply allow the deadline to elapse without applying for a refund.

The other option is to request the refund to be paid via completing the online form, which will be honoured by the club to the refund amount indicated above.

As we have indicated throughout the pandemic, it is the club’s intention to minimise any financial burden on supporters and so anyone who applies for their refund does so with the full understanding of Spennymoor Town FC.  Equally, those who are able to offer this outstanding amount as a donation will be thanked appropriately by the club.

Refund details

You must complete the refund submission form by the deadline of 3PM on Friday 19th March 2021.  Refunds will then be verified on an individual basis and manual transactions will be completed by Friday 26th March 2021.

During all previous refund processes during the pandemic, the club has received late requests after deadlines have passed.  The detail of this process will be sent directly to every supporter with outstanding value, as well as posted publicly on all club channels.  In order to plan effectively for next season financially, we will not be accepting late applications for refunds.  Applications which come in after the 10-day window will not be accepted. 

Tony Wilson, Managing Director of Spennymoor Town, said:

“I would like to place on record our thanks to everyone who has supported the club over the space of the most difficult 12 months Spennymoor Town has ever faced.

“That includes supporters who have retained season passes, those who have viewed games online on an ad hoc basis and those who have made donations to the club.

“Equally, we’d like to thank those sponsors and businesses who have supported us with services and sponsorship; and also our creditors who have assisted us with sensible payment plans.

“I would like to thank the huge numbers of volunteers who have helped us further improve our brilliant ground, those who have volunteered to clear snow, carry out work, provide value for our academy players through online sessions and everyone who has given some of their time to help our club survive the perfect storm.

“I would like to personally thank the management, players, officials and staff at the club who have remained relentlessly committed to the welfare of Spennymoor Town FC throughout a global health crisis, many times as great personal sacrifice and risk.

“Brad Groves has done so much for Spennymoor Town over his tenure here, but he has repeatedly shown over the course of the health crisis why he is the envy of non-league football with his leadership; financial support, particularly for the academy; and safety-led decision making. So thank you to Brad.

“The last 12 months has been like nothing we have experienced before and we have had to make decisions that have never been a consideration for football clubs. I am proud of the way this club has reacted to the situation and has not simply done itself justice, but has often galvanised others by setting an example.

“We are all incredibly excited for next season, where we can share the full extent of our ground improvements with supporters and we can look forward to a time where we can focus on our ambitions on the pitch. It is set to be an exciting summer and pre-season at the club and I look forward to sharing our plans in coming weeks and months.”

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