Moors join #NoHomeKit campaign

In line with other teams across the National League and the country, Spennymoor Town are proud to announce our support for the Shelter #NoHomeKit campaign.

This campaign involves home sides wearing their away kits across the festive period to support and raise awareness of homelessness across the country and the difficulties that homeless people face.

We are pleased to confirm that we will be wearing our yellow and blue striped away kit for our home fixture against Darlington on Boxing Day at The Brewery Field. This game will kick off at 3pm on Boxing Day.

Homelessness in this country, and housing more generally, is reaching a critical point, with 180,000 households having been made homeless since the start of the pandemic. Shelter’s work is more important than ever and football is key to their strategy in tackling the housing emergency over the next three years.

Clubs’ unique connection to communities across the country will help Shelter’s goals in as an organisation and the idea of “home”, linking football and the cause, on which this whole campaign is based.

The National League are proud to support this campaign and have voluntary asked all member clubs to actively support this.

Osama Bhutta, director of campaigns at Shelter, said: “Homelessness has risen dramatically over the last decade. Right now, 91 families in England are made homeless every single day – and sadly even more people could lose their homes with a challenging winter ahead of us.

“Access to a safe and secure home means everything, it gives all of us the foundation for a better life – yet too many people don’t have one. I’ve been a football fan my entire life, and firmly believe that football is uniquely placed to help, given the importance of ‘home’ in the game.

“Your clubs are at the heart of communities across the country and having your support for No Home Kit will enormously help to raise awareness of homelessness, and what we can all do to fight it.”

If you want to find out more about Shelter or wish to donate anything to the charity, you can visit their website using the link below:

Donate – Shelter England

Farsley Celtic to Support #NoHomeKit

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