Sponsor Spotlight: Bobby A Moor For Life

Lifelong Spennymoor Town supporter Bobby Taylor, owner of Taylored Management Consultants (TMC), says he can’t wait to see the heights Moors can reach this season.

The Cheshire-based consultancy specialises in maximising operations performance in manufacturing and engineering.  If that sounds impressive, that is because it is.  Bobby’s entire career has been spent in high-pressure environments and his expertise saw him play a crucial role in the UK’s national coordination for the manufacture of lateral flow testing devices during the pandemic.

With more than 35 years of experience in engineering & operational management across many different industries. Bobby started his engineering career at Black & Decker and has seen it all over the years. The same could be said for his time as a Spennymoor Town supporter too.

Bobby has been coming to The Brewery Field since he was 14 and has supported the club through thick and thin.

“I see being a sponsor as a way of giving something back to a club that has given me so much enjoyment over the years,” says Bobby, “as well as some not so enjoyable weekends too; but that’s football.

“I don’t get to The Brewery Field as much nowadays due to living in Cheshire, but I’m sponsoring our match against Chester in September and am making a real day of it.  I have friends and family attending with me and it will be a great occasion for us, as well as a guaranteed feisty match with Jonno and Bernard’s Chester history.

“We have made a positive start to the season, and I think we have a real chance of making the play-offs.  Brad has set his expectations clearly as the leader of the club and I think the progress we have made with the squad will allow us to deliver.  I can’t wait to see where this season takes us.”

Find out more about Bobby’s involvement with the club and where he takes enjoyment from non-league football in our exclusive interview on Moors TV.

Spennymoor Town FC is a non-league football club which relies on sponsorship as part of its lifeblood.  Bobby’s commitment to the club over decades is greatly appreciated and we thank him for being an ongoing sponsor.

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