Sponsor Spotlight: Family Affair For Simon

Support Access Managing Director Simon Dalton has revealed that the strong community spirit at Spennymoor Town was one of the main reasons he decided to become a sponsor.

A sister company of Support Clean, Support Access was established back in May and was formed to help with high-level operations, whilst the business also rents out a specialist Spider Lift.

Simon and his family only moved to County Durham in recent years, but he and his daughter have a shared passion for football which prompted a visit to The Brewery Field last season.

They fell in love almost immediately, and this term the businessman took his connection with Moors to the next level by becoming one the Club’s sponsors.

“We moved to the area two years ago and my daughter and I are big followers of Leeds United – but we love local football,” he explained.

“I used to support Cheltenham Town in my early years and watched them in the Dr Martens League, so we came to The Brewery Field last season, and we’ve kicked on from there.

“We love coming here, we love the community vibe. It’s just a different brand of football at this level with a great work ethic so we just absolutely love it.

“My daughter’s favourite player is Glen Taylor, and we sometimes see him in Costa – that’s the community vibe and there’s a good togetherness so hence our sponsorship of the Club.”

For more information on Support Access, you can visit their website at www.supportaccess.co.uk

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