Club Hosts Community Christmas Dinner

The festive spirit was on show in abundance at The Brewery Field on Tuesday as Moors in the Community served up over 50 free Christmas dinners to community groups they have worked with in 2022.

Moors in the Community reached out to those they have developed links with this season to invite them into the Neil Adams Sports Bar to enjoy a festive feast paid for entirely by the Club.

Local residents were joined by members of the Club’s Men’s Walking Football Team, Breakfast Buddies, the Women’s Community Group and those who benefit from our Community Meals programme.

Spennymoor’s Mayor, Dean Ranyard, also attended the event as guests enjoyed a wonderful meal to the backdrop of Christmas music performed for free by Spennymoor Town Band.

Several members of the Club’s administration and hospitality staff gave up their time and volunteered their services to help serve meals – with Club Secretary David Leitch putting huge smiles on faces by turning up dressed as Elvis!

“It’s just been such an enjoyable event,” said Moors’ Community Development Manager, Luke Cowie.

“We had an excellent turnout and I think everyone who came had a great time so it was fantastic to see so many people smiling and having fun.

“We want The Brewery Field to be recognised as a real community hub for the whole town and surrounding area and seeing people come together in the way they have done today is special.

“These groups have worked so well with us during 2022 and wanted to give something back and, thanks to the generous donation from the Club’s CEO, Brad Groves, we were able to do that.”

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