How To Play

Our new Moors Lotto is a fantastic way to support the Club but also to give yourself the opportunity to win huge cash prizes in our weekly draws.

Each draw will be made on a Sunday at 1.30pm.

Moors Lotto has a building cash jackpot for matching four correct numbers and a guaranteed prize of a minimum of £500.

If nobody matches four numbers, then the prize will rollover to the following week with the potential for the jackpot to continue growing until someone scoops the cash!

Click here to play now.

All your need to set up your Moors Lotto account today is:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • An email address

Numbers will be drawn in the Neil Adams Sports Bar at The Brewery Field at 1.30pm every Sunday, with winners contacted directly via the email address linked to their account.

Each line of numbers costs just £1 with a minimum transaction of £5 which can be used flexibly – for example, you can enter five lines in one draw or opt to enter one line across five draws.

Options available to you when buying your lines for entry in the weekly draws are:

  • 5 lines in one week – £5
  • 1 line in 5 draws – £5
  • 1 line in 10 draws – £10
  • 1 line in 15 draws – £15
  • 1 line in 25 draws – £25
  • 1 line in 52 draws – £52

You can also choose the four numbers yourself or opt for our Quick Pick option which will provide four numbers for you completely at random.

Once you have set this up, your numbers will renew automatically on the same terms as you’ve previously chosen. However, there is also an option for a one-off play.

Click here to play now.

Results will be automatically emailed to you as well as being added to our website and social media each Sunday. We’ll also announce on matchdays at The Brewery Field and display on our MegaScreen.

If you encounter any problems, or have any questions about Moors Lotto, then we’re always available to help – simply email [email protected]

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