Moors Confirm 2023/24 Squad Numbers

The Moors squad numbers have now been confirmed for 2023/24 with the new season set to begin at Banbury United this coming Saturday.

Summer signing James Montgomery takes over the Number 1 shirt at The Brewery Field, while fellow goalkeeper Michael Roxburgh takes up Number 13.

Reece Staunton has been given Number 3 following his arrival at the Club, Will Harris takes up Number 7 and Sam Fielding will wear 8 during his debut campaign.

Ben Pollock has chosen to wear Number 16 after signing for Moors this summer, while Keenan Ferguson will have 19 on his back, Owen Gallacher wears 23 and Josh Doherty is our new 27.

Connor Shanks has opted to move into the Number 21 shirt, Danny Greenfield has chosen 22, while Callum Ross takes up Number 4 and Lebrun Mbeka will wear Number 5 in 2023/24.

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Spennymoor Town Squad Numbers 2023/24
1             James Montgomery
3             Reece Staunton
4             Callum Ross
5             Lebrun Mbeka
6             James Curtis
7             Will Harris
8             Sam Fielding
9             Glen Taylor
10           Rob Ramshaw
11           Mark Anderson
13           Michael Roxburgh
16           Ben Pollock
19           Keenan Ferguson
21           Connor Shanks
22           Danny Greenfield
23           Owen Gallacher
24           Michael Ledger
27           Josh Doherty
28           Corey McKeown

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