Dickman Making Phased Return To Work

Lewis Dickman has opened up on a traumatic few weeks as he begins to make a phased return to work following his emergency surgery last month.

The Moors boss was rushed to hospital suffering from severe abdominal pains and sickness before a decision was made to operate after tests uncovered an enflamed appendix.

Dickman has since been recuperating at home but has this week taken some small steps towards a return by being back at The Brewery Field and also around training on Tuesday night.

Writing in his column for the Match Programme for Saturday’s postponed game against Scarborough Athletic, Dickman has revealed the frustrations he has felt watching from afar and admitted he can’t wait to step things up again.

“At the moment, I am in the midst of what is obviously a phased return to work, but I do still have to remain sensible with what I am doing,” he wrote.

“I am trying my best to get around the right things at the right times, but I also have to listen to my body.

“I feel very fortunate to be in the position I am right now after everything I have been through. People don’t need to know all the details, but it’s certainly been quite a scary experience and one that has obviously meant for an anxious period for both me and my family.

“Now it’s just a case of building everything back up with my health and fitness, but my commitment and desire to be in the trenches alongside the players and the staff at the Club remains very strong.

“I have obviously been keeping in touch with everything that’s been going on as best as I can, getting a live stream of games and speaking to Andy Inness around two or three times every day as well as other Club staff.

“I can tell you that nobody has been hurting more than me when it comes to our recent form. I am feeling those frustrations just like you, but they are magnified by the fact that I have been unable to be as close to everything as I have wanted to be over the past month.

“We’ve clearly been looking very closely at our concession of goals and it’s something we are addressing head on. Basically, we’ve kept nine clean sheets so far this season which puts us second in the table for that particular stat – but we’ve conceded 32 goals in the other 11 games.

“It’s that massive indifference and inconsistency that needs working on and that’s something that does happen in training. We work hard technically and tactically but there is also clearly a psychological element too and we we’re working with the players to ensure that when we do concede a goal, that it doesn’t become two or three.

“I have dipped back into training this week and obviously spent time talking to the players on the telephone too and you can feel and sense their frustration – but also their desire to put things right again.

“They have had a really positive week in training leading into today’s game, so we just want them to get back into the habit of enjoying working hard on the pitch and winning football matches.

“I want to offer a big congratulations to everyone connected with Moors Ladies for their terrific FA Cup run which ended in defeat at Chester-le-Street Town last Sunday. That might not have been the result we all wanted, but you have done the Club proud with the run you have had and hopefully enjoyed those experiences. I wish you luck as you look to take that form back into the league campaign now.

“Finally, I just want to thank everyone from the Chairman down at the Club for their support over the last few weeks. The staff, players and supporters who have been in touch – every single one of them means so much and have helped drive me forward.”

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