Fans Group Make Youth Football Donation

Spennymoor Town Fans Group has donated over £300 to the Club’s Youth section following the success of what is hoped will be the first of many fundraising drives for the organisation.

Set up during the summer, the Fans Group’s main aims were to increase opportunities for fan engagement and consultation and to try and raise funds for all areas of the Football Club.

A priority that emerged in recent months was for improvements to be made to the drainage systems currently servicing the pitches used by our youth teams for matches.

Due to the heavier than expected rainfall over the last few months, it has proved difficult for the youngsters to stage home games and so Spennymoor Town Fans Group set to work.

Their initial efforts have involved the raffle of match-worn shirts belonging to Moors legends James Curtis and Glen Taylor, which were conducted during games at The Brewery Field.

As a result, a first donation of £320 has been handed over to the Club’s Youth section to help support the work that needs to be done now that Moors’ youth football has returned to the town.

While the Fans Group continue to oversee our Matchday Lottery and the organisation of subsidised coach travel for supporters to selected fixtures, more fundraising ideas are in the pipeline.

“We don’t just want to help the Youth side of things, but every team that is playing under the badge of Spennymoor Town,” explained member, Mark Laidler.

“The hope is that by showing supporters the work we’re doing, more will be encouraged to come on board as members and perhaps go on to volunteer their time to help.

“We want to really make an impact across the Club, from the male and female teams that play for us to the many fantastic projects being delivered every week by Moors in the Community.”

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