Love Or Money: Corey McKeown

It’s the turn of wing man Corey McKeown to take on our random selection of quick-fire questions as we attempts to find out a little bit more about the talented star.

Out For A Jog or Hit The Gym?
Hit The Gym

Online Order or Go To The Shops?
Online Order

Do The Cooking or Do The Dishes?
Do The Cooking

Shirt And Tie or Tracksuit And Trainers?
Tracksuit And Trainers

On The Beach or By The Pool?
On The Beach

Sunday Roast or Burger And Chips?
Sunday Roast

Pizza or Pasta?

Tea or Coffee?

Savoury or Sweet?

Custard Cream or Jammie Dodger?
Custard Cream

Order In or Eat Out?
Order In

Comedy or Horror?

Left Handed or Right Handed?
Right Handed

Hold A Grudge or Make Things Up?
Make Things Up

Make A Call or Send A Text?
Send A Text

Drive Or Be Driven?

Crunching Tackle or Cheeky Nutmeg?
Cheeky Nutmeg

Power or Placement?

Last Minute Winner or Thirty-Yard Wonder Strike?
Last Minute Winner

Love or Money?

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