Who Are Ya: Will Harris

The four categories of questioning in this feature is sure to give us a greater picture of each Moors player – let’s see how front man Will Harris stands up to the interrogation…

On The Pitch

1 Who is the best player you’ve played with?
Probably Aidan McGeady who I played with at Sunderland. He was so skilful on the ball – you just couldn’t get it off him. Plus, he’s played in the Champions League and everything, so it’s definitely him.

2 Who is the best player you’ve played against?
Phil Foden, no doubt about it. I was at Burnley and played against him in the Under-18s and you could just tell straight away he was special. He was only 5ft 5ins but you just couldn’t get near him – it was a joke!

3 What’s the best goal you’ve ever scored?
I am torn between two because I scored a good one for Gateshead in the FA Cup against Stevenage. But I will go for one I scored from my own half for Sunderland Under-23s against Wolves. I was back defending a corner and it got cleared and I carried to the halfway line with my head down and I could hear people shouting “Shoot”. I hadn’t realised but the keeper had come up for the corner so I had a go with my left foot and it’s gone in – it was for my hat-trick as well!

4 When you were playing with your mates as a kid, which player did you pretend to be?
Alan Shearer – all day long. I was even doing his celebration after every goal I scored. Even before you finished that question, I knew the answer! Haha!

5 Which position did you play when you were at school?
Centre-half. I played defence and midfield when I was younger but then, as I got older, they realised I could score goals, so I was moved up front! I don’t think my school team could defend so I was probably the calmest on the ball so they put me at centre-back. I was probably the best player in my year but Bali Mumba went to my school as well – he was the year below me so I would have been second best if I had been a year younger!

Off The Pitch

1 What hobbies do you have?
Golf. I love playing golf in my spare time. I would say I am pretty good at it now, better than average anyway! That’s the thing that stands out that I like to do when I am not playing football.

2 What’s your favourite film?
I watch quite a lot of films so there are lot of contenders, but I will say The Equalizer. Denzel is just the best, isn’t he? He’s definitely the GOAT for me when it comes to actors.

3 What food do you absolutely hate?
So, this is a tough question because I am a big foodie. I am not picky at all, I eat just about anything. There’s got to be something I don’t like but can’t think. Oh, I tell you what it is – beetroot. I cannot stand beetroot.

4 What one thing annoys you more than anything else?
Ooh, I don’t know. I don’t tend to get annoyed too much. I will say it annoys me when I don’t score in a game – but even then, I am alright about it as long as we’ve won!

5 What was your favourite television programme growing up?
I think it’s probably a fairly standards answer but I will say The Simpsons. I don’t tend to watch too much actual television now cos it’s all Netflix and streaming but if I spot The Simpsons on I would probably still watch it now.

Background Check

1 What was your best subject at school?
I don’t think I had any; I was pretty awful at school. I would literally have to say PE because that was the only GCSE I got in the end.

2 What was the first film you went to see at the cinema?
That’s a good question. I am not sure. The first one I can remember seeing at the cinema was Inception. There must have been some before that, but I can’t remember any!

3 What was your favourite Christmas present as a child?
It was always football boots! Or some kind of football trainers. I remember one year I got some boots like Rooney was wearing. They were green and red – I think they were called CTR 360s. They were the best present ever. I just put them straight on and went and ran about in the fields near my house!

4 Did you have any pets when you were a child?
I did. I have still got one of them because we had two dogs, Alfie and Penny. Unfortunately, Penny died but Alfie is still going strong. They were border terriers.

8 Which video game was your favourite as a child?
Well, obviously there was FIFA. I don’t think I should say this because I was probably too young to play it, but I preferred Call of Duty to FIFA! I loved playing that.

Would You Rather…

1 Would you rather be three feet taller or three feet smaller?
Haha! Erm, I don’t know – would I even be able to run if I was three feet taller? But then, it would be ridiculous if I was three feet tall. I will have to be taller. Maybe I could be a basketballer or something!

2 Would you rather be rich and ugly or poor and good looking?
I would say poor and good looking – and then I would try and back myself to get rich off the back of my looks! Nobody wants to be ugly, do they? Haha!

3 Would you rather be constantly overdressed or constantly underdressed?
Ooh, that’s a tough one too. I guess I would have to say overdressed – it’s good to look good!

4 Would you rather have no phone for a month or no car for a month?
I reckon I could easily go for a month without my phone. I am not one of these who is always glued to my phone – in fact, I do try to have time off it when I can.

5 Would you rather always lose or never play?
Haha. I just always want the team to win, you know? Obviously, I wouldn’t be happy not to play but if the team is winning then that’s the main thing. I would just keep up hope that I could get back in! Haha!

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