Graeme Lee Reacts To Release Of Fixtures

Moors boss Graeme Lee gives us his verdict on the fixtures for 2024/25 after they were released for the first time on Wednesday.

It’s fantastic that we’re at home on the opening day and the last day – that can be a real positive for us, particularly if we can recreate the sort of form we saw at The Brewery Field towards the end of last term.

Obviously, Chester will be a big challenge for us because they’re one of the teams being tipped to do well in the new season. They sort of fell away from the play-offs towards the end of last term in what was almost the opposite to us but we know they are one of the fancied teams and they have strengthened well over the summer.

We all know that Ben Pollock moved there too, and I am sure he won’t be surprised that the fixture list has thrown the game up so quickly. It will be a big game for us to start but one we can look forward to immensely.

Click here now to see our full fixture list for 2024/25.

One of the standout fixtures for me is that game with South Shields on Boxing Day. That has all the makings of a wonderful afternoon with a big crowd and an enjoyable atmosphere so that’s certainly a game that I will look forward to this season.

Of course, once you look at the key dates and where they all slot in, your eye naturally starts to wander to the Darlington games. It’s brilliant that we get to play them so quickly in the season – and after the way both teams finished last term, it’s going to be another hugely competitive affair, you’d expect.

It’s always good when the fixtures come out because you can fine tune the schedule and start making plans for where you’re going to be and when. It’s also just another marker to remind us how close we are to getting started again and it adds another level of excitement for everyone.

The games will come thick and fast, and we’ve got eight or nine Tuesday games in there to contend with too. When you see the fixtures like that, you know it’s going to be a really competitive division because nowhere you look do you think there’ll be an easy game.

I think we’ve got to be fairly happy with the way things have fallen for us, overall. Obviously, you play everyone twice so there aren’t too many surprises but being home on the first day and last is certainly unusual for us given recent history for this Club!


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