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Spennymoor Town Supporters Club currently has 136 members and continues to grow year by year. There are currently 14 Junior members, as well as nine members based in Oregan, USA.

The club get together for a meeting once a month at The Moors Tavern.

Interested in joining the Supporters Club? Email [email protected] or phone 01388 816417.

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LATEST MEETING | 11th January 2020

  1. Minutes of the meeting on 26th October read and agreed as a true record.
  2. The Treasurers Report:-
      • The SC funds at the last meeting was £10,262.47
      • Income:
        1. New Members   £60.00
        2. Scratch cards   £221.00
        3. Christmas Raffle   £415.00
        4. Lottery   £240.00
        5. Donation   £120.00
        6. Quiz Night   £140.00
        7. Set plaques   £20.00
        8. Goal buster   £129.00
      • Total income £1,370.00
      • Expenditure:
        1. Members Draw   £30.00
        2. Nets and corner flags   £240.00
      • Total Expenditure: £270.00
      • SC funds now stand at £11,362.47
      • NB. This total includes £7,500.00 worth of premium bonds.
  3. The sub-committee gave their report on findings on how to improve away bus deficits and reported that seats be paid for when booking and refunds only if cancelled early or sold on. Buses timed to arrive by 1330 and toilet breaks for toilet facilities only. No bottles allowed on buses and buses to be inspected in advance of boarding. Rubbish to be removed when leaving bus.
  4. A discussion on whether to keep the premium bonds or cancel them because of possible financial or legal complications was brought to the members. They were informed by the secretary that unofficial legal advice had been sought and cashing them in was advised. After deliberation it was put to the vote and carried 23 to 4 in favour of withdrawing them. The treasurer and Mrs. C Wailes (the trustee holder) would see to the withdrawal.
  5. Mr Magill took the floor to explain why there had been a mix up in paying out the winning lottery money to one winner only. As money had been left in good faith behind the bar by a second participant (who also had winning numbers) but not notified to Mr Magill he thought the second person was in arrears and rules state must be paid up to date to win. However the treasurer had been informed of the payment and divided the winnings between the two. It was agreed by the members present that the money should stay as 2 shares as it had already been paid out but that the original amount of winnings be made up by the supporters club fund to the original single winner. It was emphasised that if anyone left money behind the bar they must also text or phone Mr. Magill to state it was there. It was suggested that a box be left behind the bar for such payments and Mr. Magill could collect it whenever necessary.
  6. Tony Wilson thanked the members for their financial support in paying for the turnstiles at the Tees Crescent end, and explained that grants etc. had run out and asked if the Supporters Club would consider paying £4000 to the FC to cover the cost of new gates for Tees Crescent, lockable double doors for field equipment at the ground and imitation grass with the FC crest on it to be laid at the exit of the tunnel as players emerge. The members present agreed to this with a majority vote, with the proviso that somewhere would be a sign stating that money for this had been provided by the supporters club. Mr. Wilson agreed to this and as there is insufficient money in the bank it was agreed that the premium bonds definitely needed to be cashed as soon as possible.
  7. When asked about the fiasco with Darlington supporters he said he was unable to comment as the police were carrying out an investigation. DCC had inspected the fencing and it was up to required standards and is intended to collapse under pressure. Security working with police were told it was not necessary to make it an all ticket match.
  8. Members draw was won by Colin Taylor.

Next meeting will be held on 29th February at 12 noon in The Moors Tavern.

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