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Spennymoor Town Supporters Club currently has 136 members and continues to grow year by year. There are currently 14 Junior members, as well as nine members based in Oregan, USA.

The club get together for a meeting once a month at The Moors Tavern.

Interested in joining the Supporters Club? Email [email protected] or phone 01388 816417.

Alternatively, get in touch via our social media channels:

Twitter | @SpennymoorTown or @MoorsTavern

Facebook | Spennymoor Town Football Club or The Moors Tavern.

SATURDAY 28 MARCH lottery draw

The lottery draw was won on Saturday 28 March by Barry Anderson and Norman ‘hat trick’ Dale.
The lottery will now cease during the current hiatus. Any advance payments will be refunded in due course. Winners must contact Ernie to collect their winnings.



LATEST MEETING | 29th February 2020

  1. Minutes of the meeting on 11th January read and agreed as a true record.
  2. The Treasurers Report:-
      • The SC funds at the last meeting was £11,362.47
      • Income:
        1. New Members   £15.00
        2. Scratch cards   £90.00
        3. Lottery   £105.00
        4. Uncashed cheque (Solon)   £100.00
      • Total income £310.00
      • Expenditure:
        1. Members Draw (C. Taylor)   £20.00
        2. Payment to N. Dale   £159.00
        3. Donation to STFC    £4,000.00
        4. Cost towards food    £75.00
      • Total Expenditure: £4,254.00
      • SC funds now stand at £7,418.47
  3. Premium bonds cashed and money in bank.
  4. Members were asked if they wanted an Easter Raffle and it was unanimously agreed to do so with the same format as usual. Winners to be drawn 28th March 2020.
  5. The founders of the Tigers Club explained to the members present that their aim was to improve and extend communication methods within the club to make it more accessible to all football supporters rather than the few who attended the supporters club meetings. They are not a breakaway club. Their aim is to go to the STFC with any questions asked and request a reply within 72 hours rather than waiting for an answer at the next Supp Club meeting. To this end they are charging £5 membership (the money to be used to set up a web site) . To further explain this, it has been proposed and seconded that a meeting be arranged between the STFC, Supporters Club and Tigers Club to be held 14th March 2020 at noon in the Tavern.

    The members present expressed their concern that Tony Wilson should have come to the Supporters Club to explain that he wanted this type of communication and ask for volunteers to do it.

  6. Norman Dale expressed thanks to Colin Hall for all the work involved in organising the talk in. He also expressed his disdain that no one from the STFC attended. Approx £1200 was raised for the charity.
  7. The chairman read out a letter of resignation from the secretary. At this point the Chairman also resigned. To keep the club running John Magill and Russ Juler offered their services until the end of the season. It was proposed and seconded that the outgoing secretary be made an honorary member of the STFC Supp Club. It was agreed unanimously.
  8. There was a discussion on why buses leave early after away matches. It was proposed and seconded and carried by a majority vote to ask the bus sub committee to approach the STFC to ask for buses to leave at 1730 as had previously happened.
  9. Members draw was won by C. Firth.

Next meeting will be held on 28th March at 12 noon in The Moors Tavern.

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