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Meeting held on 5th August 2017

  1. The minutes of the meeting held on 24th June 2017 were read.  Item (5 was corrected to read ‘The members draw will continue.  The member must be present to win the £10.00.  If not won, the £10 WILL NOT roll over to the next meeting’.  The minutes were then accepted.
  2. The Treasurers Report:-
    • The bank balance at the last meeting was £3966.68
    • Income:
      1. £459.00 from the sale of badges.
      2. £20.80 from the sale of Domino Cards
      3. £1080 from 72 members
      4. Total income £1559.80
    • Expenditure:
      1. £2175.00 towards the away coach deficit
      2. £22.74 for raffle tickets
      3. £12.55 for football scratch cards
      4. £15.29 for wine and cheese raffle
      5. Total expenditure was £2225.58
    • The bank balance now stands at £3300.94
  3. Members pointed out that the SC had paid half of the deficit for the coaches to the away matches. The query was would the SC get half of the profits if the away coaches made a profit.  This is to be looked into.
  4. No further badges will be purchased until required.
  5. The rules for the SC Lottery Draw were agreed.  Anyone wishing to take part will receive a copy on entry to the draw.
  6. The SC will sponsor Robert Ramshaw this season.
  7. The design for the SC pitch side board was shown to the meeting and accepted.
  8. The meeting agreed to continue with the STFC letter draw.
  9. The wine and cheese raffle was won by ticket number 257.
  10. The members draw was number 39.  J.Laidler. Not Present.

The next meeting will be held at 12 noon.
2nd September 2017, in the Moors Tavern.