We’re delighted to share that our Title Sponsor, Vanarama has refreshed their affiliates scheme and increased the incentive to lease a car, electric vehicle, van or pickup truck from them. From today each time a fan of your club leases through Vanarama they’ll receive £100 cashback and your club will receive £100 kickback as a thank you. 

This is live now and there is a more simplified process in which Vanarama will process the incentive for the fan and your club. This means there are some updates that your club will need to make to the sponsor page on your website. 

We have attached some branded assets to be used via your website and other club marketing efforts. It’s worth noting that the chances of your fans being in the market for a car/EV is 10x bigger than that of a commercial vehicle so Vanarama will help your club push the scheme more often than previous seasons to help increase your chances of regular kickbacks. 

Please see below details for how the new Vanarama affiliate scheme will work.

  1. The fan will be on your club website
  2. They will click on a link which takes them to Vanarama’s website
  3. They can either start an order online or call the number on the landing page. Either way, Vanarama will know they are from the NL (but not yet which club)
  4. Once Vanarama have the order, the customer will receive a call asking: ‘I can see you’re a fan of the NL – which club are you a fan of?’
  5. This is where they confirm which club they would like to support.
  6. 7 days after delivery of the vehicle, fans will receive an email with a link to activate a prepaid digital Mastercard worth £100. This must be activated within 60 days of delivery.
  7. Vanarama will email the relevant club asking for an invoice of £100.