Field of Dreams: A revolutionary vision

An eye-catching new feature will be on display at The Brewery Field soon with the addition of a mega screen.

Following on from the exciting news that The Brewery Field is set to get two new fan zones and a brand new affordable hospitality suite, the mega screen represents the latest groundbreaking announcement in line with the clubs ‘affordable football for all’ strategy.

The LED full colour scoreboard, which will be mounted on top of the Motif8 stand, will provide a new look and feel to match days, allowing the club to display engaging content, advertisements, messages, highlights and announcements.

Fans all around The Brewery Field will have a view of the screen which will be in use throughout an extended match day with turnstiles set to open even earlier.

A concept image of the mega screen mounted on top of the Motif8 stand.

The mega screen will also allow the club to sell an unrivalled advertisement platform which could reach and engage with up to 30,000 people per season.

Businesses of all sizes will have the opportunity to display their branding, products, logo and contact details on a rolling slideshow in the build-up to kick-off.

The full season advertisement package will be priced at £960 plus VAT, guaranteeing businesses over 100 ad plays at the 21 scheduled home fixtures.

A common feature in grounds higher up the football pyramid, the screen will further enhance The Brewery Field’s growing reputation as one of the finest set-ups in non-league.

Head of PR and Marketing Adam Brown believes the mega screen will enhance the match day experience for supporters and businesses looking to reach a large audience.

He said: “The mega screen will allow us to deliver our messages and engage with supporters in a more attention grabbing format.

“The sheer size of the screen means fans all around the ground will be able to digest club messages such as drink offers and kit deals much easier, as well as view important match day announcements and messages.

“The screen also opens up a new advertisement stream and option for businesses of all sizes. We can showcase a 30-second ad which can be a still image, animation or video, all for an affordable price of £80 per month.

“Now that we are comfortably bringing in over 1000 supporters to every home game, we can promise businesses that over 30,000 people will see their announcement over the course of a full season.

“In addition, the ground will be opening earlier, meaning people inside the ground will have more time to see the screen which will be on a rolling rotation before kick-off.”

A concept image of what the mega screen will look like once inside The Brewery Field.

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